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About Us

A look inside...

Chazón is a luxury and lifestyle magazine. The first magazine to be published in two languages, Spanish and English in one, to equally impact the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities. We are providing valuable content and of luxurious lifestyle. It is also bringing you a product of the highest quality. We have a variety of content in our articles which distinguish and position us, they are aimed at financial education, and crucial issues in the field of health, you will also find topics such as gastronomy, tourism, the latest in the field of beauty, and fashion.

We are a unique magazine that is published monthly in the highest quality, we capture the essence of life by positively impacting our audience and promoting innovation with our content—an entertaining, knowledge-rich, and influential magazine with vivid and realistic images. 

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Meet The Team


Christopher Alvarez


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    Daniela Alvarez

      Editor in Chief & Digital Marketing Director

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