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1833 Venue Closet Sale

I participated in my first closet sale at 1833 Venue Lakeland along with other ladies from the city such as our Julio cover girl Alexis Evans, the renowned artist Emily Plank and other ladies I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing. I have to tell you that it was a complete success. As editor of Chazón, I had exclusively featured pieces through all our editions in Lelita's Closet, giving other girls the opportunity to obtain these unique pieces. And they will wonder why Lelita's Closet? My social media have been called since I was 12 years old, so that's why.

I had the opportunity to interview the creator of the Closet Sale event Elizabeth Brown and the manager of 1833 Venue and this is what she told us:

Tell us about the 1833 venue.

1833 Historic Venue Space is a space for intimate events such bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, graduation parties and even small weddings ! We are located in Lakeland, Florida, in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and minutes from Dixieland and Downtown Lakeland. Our historic building was built in 1923 and was originally a wealthy family home. Since then several business have operated out of the space but was purchased in 2019 by my family. After many renovations to bring make the historic space to its original intentions, we had our first event in April 2022. Being in the event industry has been a dream of mine since I planned my wedding in 2020.

Why make a closet sale? Is your first closet sale?

We wanted to do a closet sale to sell a lot of great pieces we had. My sister actually came up with the idea and I wanted to have a closet sale before she moved to college for her sophomore year! This was our first closet sale! I have gone to other closet sales at peoples houses but I thought it would be a great event to have at 1833 since it’s a beautiful space and plenty of room for multiple of people to set up their closets to sell.

What was the purpose of this closet sale?

We wanted to have a closet sale first before we donated to clothes because we had great pieces such as Lululemon, Zara, Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Love Shack Fancy. After the closet sale, we donated the remaining items to Top Buttons, a thrift shop with a purpose in Lakeland! We also wanted to bring local Lakeland ladies together with their small business represented. It also was a great way for people to see the venue space if they haven’t already.

There will be a next closet sale at the 1833 venue?

Yes, I am planning on doing another closet sale in the future! I had a lot of people reaching out to me to see when I was doing the next one because they wanted to be apart of it!

How can they participate in the closet sale?

People can participate by coming to shop and support each other! Or they can message my instagram @1833venue to find out more details about the next event!

I can't wait to participate in the next closet sale at the 1833 venue. Apart from being a pretty place and romantic to do your next event. Participating and being part of this journey that Elizabeth has is a way of uniting the ladies of our city, sharing and having a good time. It has been enriching for me and I enjoy it a lot. Don't miss the next closet sale, maybe I'll be there and I can meet you.

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