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A Story of Friendship

My grandmother was my best friend before she passed, from a young age she instilled the importance of being creative and passionate. Whenever I would have trouble sleeping she would tell me stories about a giant bunny rabbit and a mermaid who really wanted to be his friend. My favorite part would be when my grandmother would chant “White and fluffy, white and fluffy will you be my friend?!”, it stuck with me from that moment on. As I got older I would always joke with her that we should make a book together, and she would smile ear to ear each time. In January of 2021 my worse nightmare came true, the one where I lost her. I wrote to cope, since losing her was losing half of me it felt like. Shortly after I decided it was time for the world to hear the tale of the little mermaid who just wanted a friend.

Before then I never felt it was the right time, always making excuses for myself, but then I remembered the meaning of the story; give one another a chance. The world was in a state where we needed more love and understanding, and I wrote “Will You Be My Friend?” with that in mind. Sometimes we are afraid to make new friends because of our differences, and being visually impaired this is a challenge I face often as many have their idea about me before meeting me. I wrote this story not only to honor my grandmother but also to spread kindness. I believe one of the best joys in life is complimenting a stranger and walking away as friends.

Will You Be My Friend?: Bunny Tales and Mermaid Scales Paperback – Large Print, March 2, 2021

by Hunter Blaise (Author)

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