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Angélique François

Like every young girl growing up, Angélique François dreamed of becoming a superhero, Princess, or superstar. Two decades later, Angélique became all of that and more. Angélique François is a nonprofit organization founder, medical assistant, national and international pageant queen titleholder, and a published and runway model. At 16 years old, Angélique’s journey began when she started her track and field career. Angélique competed in the highest collegiate level after earning an athletic scholarship.

After 10 successful seasons, Angelique finished her athletic career with over 20 medals, 10 championship titles, school top performance times, and valuable player recognitions. Unfortunately, her career came to a sudden stop due to an injury resulting in surgery. That moment was the pivotal shift in her life. Although, during her disability, Angélique discovered that she is fierce and strong, full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.

Once life forced Angélique to give up her track and field shoes, she picked up stiletto heels and instantly became a trailblazer. As one of the frontline workers during the pandemic, Angelique works as a medical assistant, as part of her journey to becoming a physician assistant. Angélique grew a passion to help people during her recovery process. Angélique founded a nonprofit organization, The Reach One to be Won Foundation, Inc. As Angélique continued to inspire others and prove doubters wrong, Angélique won multiple national and international pageant titles. She showcased her best self by sharing her personality, beauty, and intelligence. The success in her pageant career opened doors to her modeling career. Angélique signed with a modeling agency, walked on some of the biggest runways, and work with great companies and photographers. Angélique discovered early that when you choose to value yourself, regardless of success or failure, you become limitless.

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