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beauty in difference


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When we talk about beauty for me it means being different. Whether it is external or internal beauty, the latter is the most important for me. It has been a long process for society to think like this, especially because of the stigmas of small communities. Even though I was not from a big city, I do come from a society where we are used to family members who share the same blood but little to no resemblance and this is normal for me. Getting out of that environment and coming to a community like Lakeland that still struggles with the stigmas imposed since the city was founded has been quite interesting.

And if you don’t know what stigma is, I will instruct you, it is understood as the behavior, trait or condition that an individual possesses and that generates their inclusion in a social group whose members are seen as inferior or unacceptable. The reasons for contempt or discrimination are racial, religious, ethnic origin, among others. Currently Polk County especially the City of Lakeland is in a high position of growth from different ethical backgrounds so eventually those who have resisted change will have to accept “different”. A curious fact that I want to share with you is that in a survey they say that by 2050 Hispanics in the United States will be the majority.

So welcome to the era where “different” is in style and beautiful.

With love,

Daniela Alvarez

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