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Embrace a better future

The struggles that we go through can seem like we are the only ones that are going through that; it's a valley that you can't even grasp how hard life can be. I have always had what I need: a house, food, and clothes. I'm fortunate with a strict upbringing. I have been raised by a father who was very harsh on me growing up, who had cancer. Between the ages of 11 and 15, I was my father's caregiver because he was legally blind and deaf at the same time from his Leukemia. Having that said. The best thing is to appreciate the past and focus on the future because it's so bright that we can see the stars. I'm sharing my story because I can help women become more confident and help them see what I fought through to help them believe that they can achieve anything. I have watched my mom for many years be hurt and belittled. She never felt worthy and she knows I am a rich source in her life.

It's important to me now as a young woman that I stand up and share because we women deserve to know we are beautiful and have something to look forward to. I am a Nurse and have been able to figure it out through my studies that I had Lupus (SLE). I pushed myself through nursing school with an autoimmune disease that caused me issues throughout my life. Nursing school saved my life and helped me find my calling along with pageantry. I never realized how much being in pageants had changed the way I see the world as a competitor. Remarkable Reasons is a community-based organization that changed my life. Being the Co-founder was a dream come true because it felt like my purpose in life was not about myself.

Co-founder of

Remarkable Reasons

The passion to enrich the lives of others around the world goes farther than Tampa Bay from the sales of KT sunscreen. We have an alliance with a program in Jakarta, Indonesia - Project Prosa and Michelle Mclean Children Trust in Namibia. Prosa is about the creative community and the perfection of fine arts. The Future of our charity is to get our own community center here in Tampa Bay to help the special needs and the community become closer together with our Exceptional evening. Our goal is to make this Gala internationally to help the special needs community feel important. This Gala will be a way to give the students a scholarship toward their medical bills or anything they like. Remarkable Reasons Annual Golf Tournament is bringing awareness to the Dermatology Nurses Association and KT sunscreen. We are hosting the tournament at TPC April 16th, 2022. We are wanting to grow this tournament to become nationally recognized to raise money for Skin cancer research, and more education for Dermatology Nurses scholarships and more Nurses have opportunities to write publications.

KT sunscreen

Has been chemically engineered into a lotion to protect everyone's sensitive skin, prevent Lupus flare ups and help protect the coral reefs . We have designed this to only have one active ingredient be Zinc Based with other minerals that help to help heal and protect your skin from sun damage.The health of people is the most important thing for the future to help prevent skin cancer.

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