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Honoring all who served

Chazón Magazine wants to thank all veterans for the hard work they did and continue to do for our United States of America. Many thanks to all the heroes who risked everything for each one of us. We keep present those who are no longer with us. There have been many soldiers who have given their lives, health and youth to protect our freedom. Thank you for your service, sacrifice, discipline, and passion for our nation.

I also want to address our dear readers, if you see a veteran on the street going through some kind of need, do not forget his sacrifices in service to this great nation so that today we can live the life as we ​​know it. Give him your hand, honor him, return a little happiness to his face. Respect our veterans for they gave their all on the battlefield. They fought in foreign lands and many are still fighting with terrible memories, they should not have to fight in their land to receive respect. That should be their reward.

Thank you for your service and God bless America!

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