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I am Hilary Kutik-Snyder

I was born in Maryland but at the age of about 2 years old my family & I relocated to Florida for my fathers job. I guess you can say I am a Florida girl with a touch of “Southern Belle.”Growing up I was always passionate about writing, web-design & fashion. I recall fond memories of scheduled alone time with my mother going to “Limited Too” (childrens clothing brand in the 90’s).

I always made sure we had a coupon everytime we went. I remember coming home from school as young as 9 years old, researching how to make “Doll Websites” & “Layouts.” At the age of 9 years old I had taught myself how to make “Doll Makers,” “Layouts” & “Graphics.” My first website was called I have always been an undercover nerd. Writing has always been a huge part of who I am. Writing and reading; I love to learn. Growing up I was in the Yearbook Club for many years. The feeling of accomplishing something that others can enjoy has always been my passion. The feeling of completing a task and helping others is what inspired me to start Kissthisstyles blog.

I went to University of South Florida from years 2008-2010, transferred and Florida Atlantic University in 2010 & graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and minor in Criminal Justice. From there, I graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2017 with a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling. From the years of 2016-2019 were some of my hardest years. Scholastically I have always been great...always a great student. However, I did feel something was missing throughout those 3 years. In hindsight, I now know I was missing inspiration. Still practicing as a clinician (currently am part time at the moment), I met my now husband, Richard. He is my “biggest fan” & inspiration.

During Covid, Richard & I were planning our wedding. I started a blog, “Kissthisstyles” to document our journey of wedding planning. Kissthisstyles was originally supposed to just be for something he and I and our children could look back on.However, once that passion and inspiration in me erupted “Kissthisstyles” developed into a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog for everyone to enjoy. Allowing myself time & space for self discovery along with encouragement enabled Kissthisstyles to be so successful.

Ironically, Kissthisstyles blog will celebrate “Birthday #1” this December...the edition that I am being featured. If you are wanting to starting a blog, my advice to anyone is to “Just Start.” There are no easy routes. There is not one answer to “how to get followers” or “how to rank in google.” YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! If you want to learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), take an active approach, do some research or even a course.

Looking into the future, Kissthisstyles will have merchandise, have a boutique that is inclusive to all women & will continue to be a promising blog where all of the “Trendy Fashion” & “Discount Codes” can be found.

Love always wins,


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