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Nikki The Realtor


I am Nikki the Realtor. At 28 years old, I have accomplished so much yet there is a fire inside me that still burns with passion of wanting more. I moved from New Jersey to Lakeland in 2012 to attend Florida Southern College and had no idea the impact that Lakeland was going to make on me. I moved here all by myself at 18 years old with no set plan, 0 expectations, but a drive to make it. Over the course of the last 10 years, I have built my life here in Lakeland. I bought my house, I established my career as a Realtor and now Broker Associate, and I built a circle of friends that I love and trust.

I am inspired by the Lakeland community and the people who make it. It is a community made up movers and shakers striving to make Lakeland a better place. A community of creativity and generousity, built on courage and extraordinary humans.

Looking into the future, I would like to give back to the city of Lakeland. I want to put Lakeland on the map. I have created a show made up of video and podcast that highlights all the things that make Lakeland so great - the Local Lakeland Show. It showcases local businesses, restaurants, events around our city, and the people who make this place the city we all love.

My one piece of advice for young woman is that if I can do it, so can you!

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