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Make the holidays magical

Make it a Christmas they’ll always remember with the gift of cozy spaces for creating new memories.

Although I am one hundred percent part of the glitter club this year I want to go classic; magnolia flowers, red and the star at the top of the tree. If you didn’t know, here you will find out, ‘farmhouses’ are in fashion and how great to be able to incorporate this trend with the exclusive Balsam Hill houses. Used in this decoration where the main attraction are the farmhouse village made of wood and with integrated light, giving the illusion that there is someone at home. This decoration is ideal for a house full of children.

Balsam Hill is committed to providing its clients with the perfect holidays. From beautiful artificial Christmas trees, matching wreaths and garlands to heirloom-quality ornaments. Home-inspired décor, helping place the finishing touches on your homes during the holiday season and beyond.

Magnolia Stems

Wide-shaped red petals on dark green leaves are handcrafted from polyester.

Silverado Slim Prelit

This highly realistic artificial Christmas tree has a slim profile and pronged outer tips with light brown branches.

Lit Swivel Star tree

Line up the inner stars to complement a traditional theme or swivel them around for a playful 3-D effect..

Farmhouse Lit Wooden Village Ornaments

Each house is handpainted and lit with an LED light. Includes 6-hour timer.

Farmhouse Christmas Ornament

This exclusive set features a variety of bells and glass ornaments that are hand-blown and hand-painted in hues of burgundy, sage green, grey blue and champagne.

This season, surround your loved ones with the magic of the season.

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