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New Trend of Eyebrow

In the past few days you have had to see all those bushy eyebrows brushed up on social networks and you will ask yourself: where did that come from? It is the new trend in eyebrows.

It is important to emphasize that the eyebrows are the frame of our face, when we think about a change of look we think that it only has to do with hair or clothes, but we are wrong. The eyebrows are part of that significant versatility that we look for in our image. So if you are looking for a change, you can find it in your eyebrows. This season we tell you about this new eyebrow trend that you could consider to adopt as part of your daily look.

Foiled eyebrows became the # 1 trend, it does not abandon the classic touch, they are ideal to achieve a natural look with a feathery and a little disheveled effect. It is a type of permanent brushing that fills in the eyebrows and makes them look fuller. Products to achieve this effect come in ointment or gel. Contains tiny microfibers that adhere to the skin and brow hair, providing body and definition for a natural look.

Due to the new modality that we have been using in recent years, eyebrows have been a fundamental key in all “beauty looks”. Becoming the focus of our grooming. We went from the conventional eyebrows to much more innovative that give life to a more dynamic and positive look.

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