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Being a modern Dad has never been so easy.

For many men, shaving or going to the barber are simple and ordinary acts that are part of their daily chores, but over time, male facial care has acquired another dimension in the world of aesthetics and can be an important element to project a imposing image or reflect the personality of an individual. This is extremely important, especially for those interested in taking care of their appearance. Whether it’s debuting a new haircut, taking care of a beard, a mustache or simply wanting to show off a “close” shaved complexion, hydration, cleaning and maintenance discipline are important elements for a man to exhibit a visual identity. make it healthy and stylish. That is why we have compiled some advice, “tips” and realities related to the world of male aesthetics.

The facial care routine that every man should follow

  1. Washing your face - this is the first step in any routine to preserve a sleek and healthy face, especially for men with beards.

  2. Dilates the pores- so that people who shave regularly can keep their skin clean, it is recommended that, before starting the shave, they dilate the pores with a hot towel or hot water steam.

  3. Shaving- using a shaver is preferable because the vibrations help prevent skin irritation, then apply a shaving gel and remove any remaining hair with a razor.

  4. Toning lotion - It is very important to finish a shave by applying an aftershave on the skin to keep it hydrated and prevent infection.

Get rid of dry hair

If you are a man with very dry and damaged hair, there are a number of reasons why this is happening. For example, you live in a tropical climate or you wear hats to avoid combing your hair, you shampoo your hair every day or you blow-dry too often. There are more reasons why your hair may be dry, damaged or frizzy, but they all tend to revolve around these first.

We want to give you the first tips to get rid of dry hair:

  1. Instead of using the shampoo every day, give it a break and change it for a conditioner and you will see that the hair regains shine, strength and life in a few days.

  2. Buy the conditioner that is moisturizing, that helps restore texture, shine, as it stimulates the scalp and promotes the appearance of hair, an “all in one”.

  3. When you wash your hair, use shampoo only 2 times a week, at most 3 times a week. Invest in a high-quality product, a shampoo that balances the pH of the hair and at the same time acts as a moisturizer, which helps to recover the scalp by promoting hair growth from the root.

  4. If you use caps or hats, consider applying “leave-in” for dry hair. This way you keep your hair conditioned so you don’t develop split ends. Use products that contain argan oil, it works like a charm on men’s hair.

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