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Purple Hearts - Come Back Home

If it's about romantic movies, Purple Hearts is the one. This week, Netflix premiered a new romantic film that is #1 in the top 10. I am a fan of romance and I haven't seen a story that captivated me for a long time, Luke and Casandra won my heart. It is about an aspiring singer who agrees to marry a Marine for mutual convenience. But a tragedy transforms their fake relationship into a real one. The film takes place between the state of California and Iraq where Luke was sent after marrying Cassandra.

During that year they were married, Luke became Cassandra's music muse and that's where we can see how her love for him begins to blossom. I ended up with a badly hurt heart from crying so much. I can only say that Netflix should spend more time making movies like these, that steal your heart, revive your illusions and leave you wanting more. Please take a moment and watch Purple Hearts on Netflix.

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