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Q&A with the publisher

The beginnings of Christopher Alvarez


Tell us about your beginnings in the publishing world.

In 2017 I experienced one of the most shocking natural disasters in my life, Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico was left in the dark and completely cut off. In a way to inform and help our people I created a 24 page magazine. Then it became “Visión Emprendedora” a magazine that changed many lives, helped many businesses and inspired new ventures. It was my new tool to continue giving purpose to my life after finishing my military service.

“my childhood was very complicated..

How was your childhood?

Whenever they ask me about childhood, I remember a moment that makes me nostalgic. In front of the house where I grew up a river passed, around it there were many stones, where I found a toy truck buried, and it became my favorite toy. I remember playing long hours thinking I was running a building site. My childhood was very complicated, I lived in the mountains of Puerto Rico. My mother, being a single mother, lived with very little money and many times we lacked food.

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