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RED lips for a sure hit...

When dates such as the holidays arrive like the Christmas Eve dinner, New Year’s Eve party, dinners at work and outstanding events are, we start to think about a look that dazzles the eyes. For this, you don’t need very heavy makeup. How to get it right then? Very simple, let’s focus on the most beautiful accessory for women, the smile, decorate her lips with these tips on trends for this Christmas.

The red lip trend will make your lips pop and shine like never before, don’t you just love the idea? Try to wear this lip shade with a matte eyeshadow and cheekbones marked with a dash of color, just enough to make them look elegant. Red lips are perfect for Christmas, especially if that is going to be your ‘something red’ to say

goodbye to the year. In matte or with shine and volume, you decide yourself, but remember to mark the line of the eye well and to accompany it with a good mascara, you already know that these two shades always go hand in hand.

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