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Start this new year with goals to achieve in 2022!

Whenever a new year begins, we all want to make resolutions, whether they are for the short or long term, we all have those goals and changes that we want to achieve throughout the year. It is time to start new life projects and leave bad habits behind. The new year for many is a “New Beginning” to establish new personal achievements or professional level. It may be saving some money, losing weight, switching to a better job, or spending more time with your family, among others. Sometimes it seems to be very difficult to achieve these new resolutions.

According to studies from last year, only 8% of people who made New Year’s resolutions achieved those goals. If you don’t want to be part of the 92%, we bring you some tips that will work for you to stay focused and at the end of the year you may have reached your goal.

How to make a successful resolution plan?

  1. Take small but firm steps - This is about setting realistic goals, these will lead you to a greater chance of success. Try to go one step at a time until you reach the goal, by not being ambitious you can progress to more difficult levels much faster.

  2. Pay attention to details - To achieve your goals you have to plan the details and be precise, for example, it is not the same to say that “you will go to the gym on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons” than to say “I have to go. more to the gym ”with the latter you will not be successful. That is why you need concrete and feasible actions to achieve your goal.

  3. Same vision - Building alliances as a team with someone who has the same goal throughout the year can be a great source of motivation and help. Your commitment intensifies and you keep your goals, by making them public with someone else.

  4. Overcome stumbling blocks - It is healthy that in the middle of your goal if you encounter an obstacle or feel that you are failing to reach that goal, you take a break. Analyze what is happening and use the strategies that worked, the ones that do not discard them.

  5. Long-term goals - The best resolutions go hand in hand with long-term plans, instead of vague and ambitious ones. Do not propose anything that you do not like, because it is unlikely that you will arouse any interest in that goal. When you have your resolution indicated, embrace it from day one with a detailed plan to achieve it.

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