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The Bonita Dress

I named my clothing collections after each of my late grandmothers because they inspired so much of who I am and the things I love today.

The “Bonita Dress” was named after my grandmother, Bonnie, who inspired my love for creativity, sewing, and making beautiful things out of practically nothing.

I will always cherish this special memory of her:

After I had spontaneously spent the night at her house, she and my granddaddy decided to go out for dinner. Since my stay was not planned, I didn’t have any clean clothes to wear.

Immediately, my grandmother headed to her sewing room and started digging through piles of scrap fabric. She pulled out a neatly folded piece of white cotton covered in red & yellow flowers, and before I knew it, she had sewn the cutest skirt and vest outfit for me to wear to dinner. My little heart just soared and I thought that she had to be the most talented person in the world.

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