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Watermelon Margarita

MIXMASTER - Tropical Recipes

Have you ever thought of combining chili and tropical flavor to make a cocktail?


2 lemons, cut in half

2 tablespoons of salt

Ice, to taste

3 cups watermelon, cut into chunks

1 1/2 cup of syrup

2 cups of white tequila

1 cup fresh lemon juice

Step by Step

  1. Moisten the rim of the glasses (or glasses) with the juice of half a lemon, then dip the rim of each glass into a small bowl of salt. Fill the glasses with ice.

  2. Blend the watermelon with the syrup and a little water. Pour the mixture into a 2-liter jar. Add the tequila and fresh lime juice. Shake lightly with a spoon to mix the ingredients. Pour into prepared glasses.

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